Thursday, November 09, 2006

Centrists, Rightists and Progressives

  • Some interesting stuff from Pew Research Center on the election - supposedly Centrists held the deciding votes. Next from Pew - this blog and the related technology that is used for pushing messages out to the public will be the new version of the candidate riding around town shaking hands.

  • There was and will continue to be fallout of Rightists (evangelicals) from the Republican Party. Look for coming agreement from the Right on the 98% of issues that parties and all Americans can come to a compromise on, but watch out for stepped up fights in upcoming Supreme Court cases on the 2% of public policy issues that are actually controversial.

  • Progressives are best at people-powered-politics.

  • Mehlman's hindsight searches for a center-right (too little too late).

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Conservatives React to Iraq War, Dems Win Elections

  • Dems kick ass in the house! Our 222 could be 234 - wow!!!

  • Conservatives react like never before - message to Bush, you can't manage (and neither can other Repubs)!

  • Gains made in Senate, more to come!

  • Lots of Dem Govs to go around!

  • Repub defense to all this: "now Bush can veto something."

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

APROGS Prediction: Dems end up with 222 in House and 50 in Senate

Ok, so maybe not all APROGS bloggers are predicting the same results, but we are really more interested in what your prediction is - let us know.

Tell Us About Your Election Day is your election day going? No, we are not interested in who you voted for (although progressive candidates are recommended), instead we just want to know about your experience going to the polls.

I know that I was greeted by supporters of every candidate from both parties as I walked into my polling station - I wished them luck and said thanks and no thanks. Who greeted you, how long did you wait in line, where you on the list, had to give id, did the machines work, was there a paper trail, etc., etc., etc. We are here all day and night to turn on the comments so speak up (maybe even get a little angry) and let us know how your election day is going or went.

A big PS - you can now go to to reach our site!!!