Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rumsfeld = Gay Marriage = Flag Burning

  • A series of new polls (subscriber link) indicate that most workers believe they are worse off in many ways than their counterparts a generation ago. Pessimism is high. And does anyone wonder why the president's drive to privatize social security failed?
  • I listen to the Al Franken show. I like the host, but I really love guests like Tom Oliphant. He makes me feel better about self-identifying as a progressive. Someone once told me that political affiliation boils down to instinct and trust. I trust smart, thoughtful, humble people like Tom Oliphant.
  • Keith Olbermann has my dream job, or shall I say dream career. He gets to riff on politics and sports. A few weeks back he did a superb job of calling out the administration for their shameless, anti free-speech, fear monguring. I'm with you, Keith!
  • The Democrats finally have their own wedge issue: Rumsfeld. I hope they keep pounding. All the new books on Iraq, like Fiasco, make it really clear how poor a job he's done. I've read the first 250 pages or so and I think it's impossible for anyone to read the book and vote for anyone NOT having called for the man's resignation.
  • The only differences between the D's wedge issue (Rummy) and the ones put out in recent years by R's is (a) it matters, (b) it's the business of the federal government and (c) people care. Other than those minor matters, it's exactly the same thing!

Finally, we can (individually) say who we do not like

Word is out - the war on whatever is actually a war on two things: 1) terrorism and 2) dictatorships. Finally, we can separate the two!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fantasy Draft: First Trade, Blair for Rumsfeld

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ford vs. Corker -- A Family Case Study

I spent the weekend in my hometown of Memphis, attending a friend's wedding and trying to get a feel for the Senate race there. Based on my conversation with my Uncle, I don't feel great about the D's chances to pick up Bill Frist's seat. Continue...

Monday, September 04, 2006

Casey Jr. will win by 5% (and so will the next Dem WH ticket)

      • Check out Santorum versus Casey on MTP. I would rather see a cage match, but this is close - they pretty much look eye to eye and point fingers at each other. Santorum certainly proved who he is - out of touch with reality.

      • Biden is likely to be the next Secretary of Defense - his policies will certainly be different than Rummy's, but he might be better at one-liners and catchy phrases.

      • If you need to read up before November then take a look at American Wikitics.