Friday, March 16, 2007

Alternative Energy Daily News - March 16, 2007

  • Forward-thinking city officials in Vista, CA have approved a special use permit which allows Envirepel Energy Inc., to move forward with the balance of the permits required to finish construction of its renewable, bio energy facility and begin operation of it for an initial 18-months.

  • New Jersey Resources, parent company to one of the state's largest natural-gas suppliers, has pledged to aggressively reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions as part of efforts to fight global warming.

  • A long-awaited MIT study on the future of coal says the technology needed to capture greenhouse gas emissions from plants and store them underground apparently is sound, and urged Congress to swiftly pass controls on gases that contribute to global warming.

  • The Alliance to Save Energy today joined other energy-efficiency advocates and light bulb giant Philips Lighting North America in a coalition to advocate for policies that will transform the U.S. marketplace to energy-efficient lighting products by 2016.

  • Out of the ashes of the Internet bust, many technology veterans have regrouped and found a new mission in alternative energy: developing wind power, solar panels, ethanol plants and hydrogen-powered cars.


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